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Creative Activities


In music class children will sing, play instruments, listen and move to music

  • They will learn music appreciation and sensitivity
  • Sing songs with melody patterns which are repetitive and easy
  • Sing in small choirs
  • Learn about the elements of musical sound
  • Develop voice by singing alone
  • Blend their voice with others in a group
  • Sing expressively on a pitch (high or low) with correct dynamics (soft and loud)
  • Combine music and movement
  • Training to participate in different competitions


  • Students will sing musical notes (simple to complex patterns)
  • Voice training for solo singing
  • Recognition of musical notes
  • Respond to beat and rhythm of music by creative movements
  • Understanding and training in classical Hindustani music
  • Introduction to vocational courses in music
  • Children will learn to play musical instruments such as:

Dance is woven into the curriculum to enable pupils to exercise their dancing skills.The wide range of school events provide a platform to showcase their talents.

Kindergarten dance programmes:

Jumping, clapping and stamping and basic steps
Understanding of rhythm, co-ordination and spatial awareness
A combination of different dance styles such as Aerobics, Western and Folk
Age appropriate dance music

Primary dance programmes:

Dancing with props
Indian folk
Indian classical
Contemporary dance
Western dance
Training to participate in different competitions
Some of the other benefits include:
Learning to take instructions
Following a routine
Mental and Physical fitness
Confidence building
Multicultural understanding

Students are encouraged to develop their public speaking and dramatic skills through school plays and theatre. This training provides them an ideal opportunity and platform to discover and showcase their theatrical talents.
Drama is considered to be an important learning tool at Pollocks. It aims at development of self confidence through expressing and exploring oneself.

The school Dramatics Club is active round the year and teaches the art of play building, voice projection, stage management, engaging the audience, co-ordination, making of props, etc.

Drama is also an important component of class room curriculum where children engage in role plays, play building, dramatisation to further understand characters and stories and development of literary skills.

Drama is used to develop creativity, allow fun, understand others point of view, learn team work and develop a sense of self esteem at Pollocks.