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Central Office

Dwarakanagar, Visakhapatnam


Teachers are the real pillars of an institution. Our teachers deserve credit for the excellent performance of our students. We believe that every child is born with equal intelligence; it is only that some have quick grasping power, while others are slow learners with specific learning difficulties. The talent pool of Pollocks faculty make the slow learners cope up and join the mainstream at the earliest. The School’s have highly dedicated, committed, qualified & experienced senior staff who play a very crucial role in moulding the students, aiming at personal development, in addition to sound drilling in their respective subjects. The Faculty is also constantly engaged in orientation programmes and review meetings to gauze the progress made. The specialist teachers for activities like Music, Dance, Craft, and Electronics encourage creativity. Our teaching staff have been carefully selected for their qualifications and teaching experience, as well as their sensitivity to the special needs of the students.

All our teachers take a personal interest in each student’s progress with regular reports available to parents and guardians.

Kindergarten is a stepping stone in a child’s life. In this phase special attention, innovative methodology with motherly attitude of teacher is necessary to mould them into perfect blooming buds. Our Teachers take utmost care in training and teaching the kids. The Principal & Vice-Principal closely monitor individual performance and are always available to discuss progress. Shaping the future of the children with the advantage of experience and the most modern teaching methodologies, our teaching staff undergo special up gradation in teaching methodology. Personality development is an important part of the curriculum here. Student’s performance is evaluated after an overall consideration of parent’s views, suggestions, teacher’s comments and analyzing progress or the lack of it in a systematic manner. The students whose performance is below average will receive special attention to catch up with the rest of the class, in the shortest time possible. The faculty is always ready to respond and very friendly, giving students their keen attention in clarifications of doubts and often boosting student morale with their sincere advice and encouragement. To put it simply, the students, teachers and management of Pollocks School form a close knit family who constantly strive for excellence in every sphere.