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Dwarakanagar, Visakhapatnam

Life @ Pollocks

Pollocks offers its students a quality education that incorporates the strengths of the students’ own cultures. School’s goal is to develop students’ core and essential skills, as well as their capacities for critical and creative thinking. In addition to cultivate a passion for learning, the school promotes the students’ all-around the development of their character, and their sense of civic responsibility. The school’s facilities are amongst the finest in the region, while its faculty is highly-trained educators is committed to ensuring the successful development of all students.

Our curriculum, founded on the belief that students should be challenged academically, artistically and athletically, focus on the delivery of a robust variety of activities and learning opportunities. The Pollocks co-curricular programs include a long and diverse list of after school activities, through varsity athletics, visual and performing arts programs, and community service opportunities.